Prof. Daniel Pella, PhD.

Current affiliation
Executive Director of International College of Cardiology (ICC), Slovakia
Department of Preventive and Sports Medicine, Pavol Jozef Safarik University, Kosice, Slovakia
Recent publications:

  • Fedacko, J; Pella, D; Mechírová, V; Horvath, P; Rybár, R; Varjassyová, P; Vargová, V; n-3 PUFAs-From dietary supplements to medicines. Pathophysiology 14, 127 (2007)
  • Singh, RB; Pella, D; Mechirova, V; Kartikey, K; Demeester, F; Tomar, RS; Beegom, R; Mehta, AS; Gupta, SB; De Amit, K; Neki, NS; Haque, M; Nayse, J; Singh, S; Thakur, AS; Rastogi, SS; Singh, K; Krishna, A; Prevalence of obesity, physical inactivity and undernutrition, a triple burden of diseases during transition in a developing economy. The Five City Study Group. Acta Cardiol 62, 119 (2007)
  • Kumar, A; Singh, RB; Saxena, M; Niaz, MA; Josh, SR; Chattopadhyay, P; Mechirova, V; Pella, D; Fedacko, J; Effect of carni Q-gel (ubiquinol and carnitine) on cytokines in patients with heart failure in the Tishcon study. Acta Cardiol 62, 349 (2007)

Expertise and research areas: 
Risk factors, myocardial infarction, coronary artery disease, cardiology, heart diseases