Prof. D.Sc. Nadiya Boyko

Current affiliation:
Docent, Senior Research Fellow of the Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Virology with the Course of Infectious Diseases, Faculty of Medicine
Director for Centre for Trans-Border Scientific Cooperation (CTSC) of Uzhhorod National University
The Head of the Research Laboratories for “Microbiology and Mucosal Immunology”

Recent publications: 

  • Jiang H.-Q., Thurnheer M.C., Zuercher A.W., Boyko N.V., Bos N.A., and Cebra J.J. Interactions of commensal gut microbes with subsets of B- and T-cells in the murine host // Vaccine. – 2004. Vol. 22. – Р. 805-811.
  • Cebra, J.J., Jiang, H.-Q., Boyko, N., Tlaskalova-Hogenova, H. The role of mucosal microbiota in the development, maintenance, and pathologies of the mucosal immune system // Mucosal Immunology, 3rd edition. – Elsevier Press, 2005. – P. 335-368.
  • Keilbaugh, S.A., Shin, M.E., Banchereau, R.F., McVay, L.D., Boyko, N., Artis, D., Cebra, J.J., Wu, G.D. Activation of RegIII/ and interferon- expression in the intestinal tract of SCID mice, an innate response to bacterial colonization of the gut // Gut. – 2005. –Vol. 54. – С. 623-629. .
  • Cebra J.J., Bos N.A., Boyko N.V., Kushnir N., Stoel M., Surh Ch., Suzuki H., Thurnheer M.C., Wu G.D., Uchida K., Zuercher A.W. Mutualism between the mucosal immune system and commensal intestinal bacteria (Part I). // Old Herborn University Seminar Monograph. Defence mechanisms of the innate system: influence of microbes. – 2006. - Vol. 19. – Р. 33-44.

Expertise and research areas: 
Study of commensal microflora, effect of probiotic bacteria against the opportunistic pathogens; host/bacterial interaction,  beneficial microflora, food antigens and mucosal immune response, benefits of probiotic usage, mechanisms of action.